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Small Things
Why is it always the small things that you remember during those odd little moments in conversation or times of happenstance, when everything else has blurred around the edges and lost its intensity. I’ve forgotten the way he smelled, the exact shade of his hair, those little phrases he always loved and thought made him sound so smart, the way he always had to be in charge, how he was never wrong. Even his obsession with home improvement shows has lost its impact when I flip through the channels late at night.
Instead it’s those smaller things that still linger, dormant, but just until I stumble over any one of hundreds of keys.
I walked into an empty elevator one day and as the doors closed it was like I’d been wrapped in him all over again. I cursed and breathed through my mouth but it didn’t help. I could taste it. Taste him. And suddenly I remembered how we would lie in bed with the window above us open to the warm sunlight. Mostly naked, he’d lie on top of
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Deven House
It was late. Late even for the seemingly never ebbing flow of servants employed at Deven house that wandered the grounds at all hours.
I had waited in my chambers, pressed against the cool sheets of the four- poster bed with my heart in my throat, for the halls to fall quiet before sliding from the cage that was my room. I dashed as silently as possible through the dark halls and lifeless rooms out to the comfortingly shadow draped gardens. Creeping slowly through the undergrowth, my bare feet sunk into the cool earth, calming the rage within me. My eyes darted up through the branches of the sheltering trees to the stars and moon above, shinning coldly through the dark. I envied them.
For a few moments, as I roamed farther into the gardens, I entertained thoughts of climbing the stone walls I knew I would eventually reach and once past them of walking into the freedom of the forest beyond until finally, I would disappear into the shadows. Ceasing to be.
My skin cried out as the wind bl
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The uncles were dreaming;
I can always tell because their white mouths
hang open, venting hot air
like dormant volcanoes.
Lost in their own imagined transgressions,
blind, deaf,
their crippled senses grope
with empty hands through silent
metaphor and simile
for me.
Fools gold was always my color.
Except with him.
Never with him.
Creeping, sneaking,
over gossiping floor boards and July damp earth,
we stole into the darkened gardens.
Breathless, chest tight
with irrational urge to yell out
in defiance and exaltation and
run free
I kept silent, and lost
as a child on once familiar roads
now made foreign
and fallowed.
I imagined roots reaching
to tangle and clutch
about ankles and legs.
To bind me to the earth
and hold me
Taking the offered hand,
we moved on.
Later, I’d remember him asking
“Are you afraid?”
And with thick tongue, deserted skill,
I lied,
fooling no one.
We rowed out on the lake,
in a bone-white basin,
reminding me of a mammoth skull.
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Trash and Treasure
His favorite candy was the chocolate coins they would sell wrapped in gold tin foil and bags of cheap netting. He liked ripping holes into the orange plastic; the soft almost wet popping sounds it would make, and scattering the coins over a hard surface, flashing gold. Or sometimes he would savor the ritual of it all, drag it out, and go searching with nimble fingertips to pluck them free one at a time, like so much treasure. He liked the cold metallic taste of the foil and the way it would fold under his sharp front teeth as he peeled it back from the dark confection. He even liked how thin slivers of the candy would curl up under his nails long before the last coin, painting them with lines of black to be licked away. By the end he'd have a glittering mound of discarded half coin wrappers, which he'd then press back together with two fingers, smearing the faces flat, before throwing them away. Healed and broken. I loved to kiss him then, once it was done, the taste of metal and choco
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It's official, Ai no Kusabi is due for release next fall as a 13 episode TV series!

For those of you who don't know, Ai no Kusabi is like the Holy Grail of Yaoi. It is THE film to start and end it all. "Epic" is used by fangirls everywhere to describe this sacred trinity of ass loving. When the name of Ai no Kusabi is mentioned at yaoi panels and conventions, it is often met with the sort of serious resonance not at all unlike religious prayer. This is quickly followed by pitch defying squeals of delight.

And now there will be more!

You can find the official website here>

And an article covering all of the nitty gritty here>…


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